We find dynamic photographers, unique and beautiful locations, compelling talent, delicious caterers, eager and able assistants, and distinguished stylists, to shape your creative vision on any budget.

This is the norm, and perhaps the definition of a “full-service production company”, which yes, we are.   

But, if we were only average, we would not have endured 10+ years of producing in every major market in the United States, and nearly every desirable smaller and remote location, in between, and across, borders.


We are problem solvers.
Creative logistical phenoms. 


We plan every detail down to the minutia. We go to sleep dreaming about the innovative ways we will adapt when we wake up to snowstorms in the desert, landslides on locations, hurricanes, government shutdowns, dead batteries, broken motorhomes, and locations that can only be reached by rappelling 200’ into a canyon. We live for puzzles and projects and experiences that ultimately ask us to conquer obstacles. We know there are only so many variables that can be controlled in production, and time and money are not infinite. Rather than freeze or surrender when these challenges arise, we expand with excitement, embrace the opportunity to achieve the impossible, and deliver.

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Cristin Shea,
Executive producer

After a short career in biological threat reduction (working with the FBI tracing Anthrax origins), and forensics (accident reconstruction), Cristin began to envision a career where meticulous left-brain activity could easily coexist with creative output.

In 2008, she began as a stylist assistant. Arriving on location at her first job, a villa overlooking Napa Valley, the awestruck little one asked, “is this a real job?” Indeed, it was. But upon realizing she was never going to be proficient in ironing, she quickly gravitated into production.

Still with enthusiasm and disbelief at the fortunate luck to have stumbled into this industry - a place for creativity to blend with details, numbers, logistics, and people - it felt like home. After a year of freelancing in the film and photo industry in San Francisco, she moved to New York to expand and formerly launch Found Productions. Almost ten years, and countless 1, 7, 12, or 37, day long productions later, she migrated back West with the bulk of her productions. She currently oversees offices in Los Angeles and Denver, and produces on location around the world. 

When she is not working, you can find Cristin trekking the Himalayas, trying new recipes for “Dr. Shea’s” chia pudding and protein bars, seeking out other friendly geeks to gush over podcasts with, or skipping town to see a latest musical obsession in concert, “before they get too big”.

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