/Client: Lady Footlocker



The scene: 11th hour.

Location: 4, Mccarren Park, Brooklyn.

Nearing the end of an exciting jaunt around the borough to capture our talent, as they played a ‘day in the life’ of active, fit, healthy, energetic young ladies.

The conversation: Production & Prop team begin discussing music, specifically the era of Sarah Mclaughlin and the Lilith Fair. Talent overhears the conversation, and asks, what’s the Lilith Fair? WHAT'S THE LILITH FAIR?? Wait, how old are you? 19, she responds. Aha, you were 2 years old at the time.

Oh my, either we are all getting old, or they are getting younger. Likely both. Regardless, when you laugh out loud with at the end of a long packed production day, dating ourselves...was worth it.