/Client:Olly Burn




Love your job. Love your life.

If you’ve never been to the Roxbury Motel in the Catskills, add this to your bucket list. Try the Mod-Pod room, The Partridge Nest, or Tony’s Dancefloor, complete with a spinning disco ball. These are just a few of the perfectly styled themed rooms at the motel.

Also, when entering the Catskills, remember your map. Cell service and GPS signals do not work in these mountains. You’ll be hard pressed to remember your route if you’re relying solely on google. Factor in the never ending dense wooded forests, and you'll also struggle relying on sun direction and any recognizable landmarks.  

We left New York city on a Friday with one talent, Warren, Olly, our photographer, and Aelana, our stylist. I was left to navigate and pre-clear properties, to ensure we were not shooting on private property, blocking traffic (for which we would need permits), and make sure we didn’t end up driving in circles for 2 days.

When we made it the Roxbury on Friday night, we spent the first 45 minutes running from room to room obsessing and geeking out about all the details of each room which make it unique and special. After a full day in the car driving, and for Warren, an entire day spent running alongside or behind the car, the quirky flare of the Roxbury was exactly the change of scenery and excitement we needed.